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Why Choose Gateway of Asia's Accounting Services

Personalized Financial Management

Our skilled team offers bespoke accounting solutions, tailored to understand and meet your unique business needs.

Focus on Business Growth

By meticulously handling your accounting and bookkeeping, we free you up to concentrate on expanding and enhancing your business.

Compliance and Accuracy

We ensure strict adherence to Singapore’s statutory accounting requirements, guaranteeing accuracy and compliance in all financial matters.

Strategic Financial Insights

Beyond basic accounting, we provide valuable insights and strategies to optimise your financial processes and drive business success.

Trust and Reliability

With Gateway of Asia, you gain a reliable financial partner committed to supporting your business journey with clarity and strategic acumen.


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Providing Quality Accounting Services in Singapore

In Singapore, the meticulous maintenance of bookkeeping and accounting records is not just a good practice but a regulatory mandate for all incorporated companies.

For business owners, particularly those in the startup phase or working within a tight budget, the prospect of hiring an in-house accountant can be daunting. This is where Gateway of Asia steps in, offering quality outsourced accounting services that fulfill these essential requirements without overextending your financial resources. Our services provide the perfect balance of compliance and cost-effectiveness, ensuring your financial records are professionally managed, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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The Difference Between Accounting and bookkeeping

    • Bookkeeping involves the daily recording of financial transactions in a consistent manner, including payroll, invoicing, and inventory updates. It plays a pivotal role in influencing financial decisions.
    • Accounting, on the other hand, is more analytical, involving the preparation of financial statements and reports. It encompasses the analysis of cash flow, operational costs, taxes, and other payments, crucial for business decision-making.

Outsource Your Accounting and Bookkeeping with Gateway of Asia


Cost-Effective Solutions

By outsourcing to us, save significantly on expenses associated with in-house accounting staff. Our competitive pricing is particularly advantageous for SMEs eyeing growth and scalability.

Adherence to Standards

We strictly adhere to the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (SFRS), upholding the highest levels of financial integrity and precision in every aspect of our work.

Comprehensive Service Range

Our services span the full spectrum of accounting needs, including meticulous compilation of financial statements in XBRL format, efficient handling of sales invoices, purchase orders, and staff expense claims, along with precise GST computation and e-filing.

Streamlined Financial Operations

With Gateway of Asia, experience streamlined financial operations that enhance your business efficiency and financial clarity, empowering you to make informed business decisions.

Streamlined HR and Payroll Management Services

Comprehensive Payroll Processing

Our payroll services are designed to be both accurate and timely, guaranteeing not only employee satisfaction but also strict adherence to regulatory standards. We handle every aspect of payroll management, from salary disbursement to leave calculations, ensuring your workforce is paid correctly and on schedule.

Expert Tax and CPF Management

Navigating the intricacies of tax obligations and CPF (Central Provident Fund) contributions can be challenging. Our team specializes in managing these aspects with utmost precision, ensuring your business stays compliant with local tax laws and CPF regulations. We provide detailed tax computations, CPF submissions, and assist in year-end tax filing, simplifying the complexities associated with payroll taxes.

Expert Corporate Tax Management in Singapore

Meticulous Tax Compliance

In the ever-evolving landscape of Singapore’s corporate tax laws, our services ensure your business remains compliant and up-to-date. We navigate the complexities of tax regulations, from accurate filing of annual returns to meeting critical deadlines, such as the November 30th filing cut-off for most companies. Our team diligently works to minimize the risk of errors and penalties, ensuring your filings are timely and precise.

Strategic Tax Planning and Optimization

Utilize our deep understanding of Singapore's tax system to your advantage. We develop bespoke tax optimization strategies that not only align with your business goals but also enhance your financial efficiency. Our approach includes exploring eligible tax incentives, exemptions, and reliefs that Singapore offers, like the Partial Tax Exemption (PTE) for startups and new businesses, ensuring you benefit from optimal tax positions.

Proactive Tax Advisory and Updates

Stay ahead with our proactive tax advisory services. We keep you informed of the latest tax updates and legislative changes in Singapore, such as adjustments in corporate tax rates or introduction of new tax policies. Our team provides timely advisories and practical guidance on how these changes affect your business and tax strategy.

GST and International Taxation

Beyond corporate tax, we offer expertise in Goods and Services Tax (GST) compliance and international taxation matters. Whether it's GST registration, quarterly filing, or navigating cross-border tax implications, our comprehensive services cover all facets of taxation relevant to your business.

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We offer comprehensive services including general ledger maintenance, financial statement preparation, accounts payable and receivable management, and bank reconciliation, all aligned with Singapore’s accounting standards.

Outsourcing to Gateway of Asia saves costs on hiring in-house staff, provides access to expert accounting knowledge, ensures regulatory compliance, and allows you to focus on core business activities.

Our services encompass payroll processing, CPF contributions, payroll tax management, leave and claims administration, and providing detailed payroll reports.

We stay updated with Singapore’s employment regulations and tax laws, ensuring that your payroll is processed accurately and complies with all legal requirements.

Yes, we provide end-to-end corporate tax services including tax planning, preparation and filing of tax returns, and advice on tax-efficient strategies tailored to your business needs.

We employ strategies like identifying applicable tax exemptions, incentives, and reliefs, ensuring efficient tax structuring and planning to optimize your tax liabilities.

We assist with the GST registration process, prepare and file GST returns, and provide advice on GST-related matters, ensuring full compliance with IRAS guidelines.

Our team continuously monitors and updates our practices based on the latest changes in tax laws and regulations in Singapore, ensuring that our clients’ financial operations remain compliant.

Our commitment to personalized service, depth of expertise, use of the latest accounting technologies, and a comprehensive approach to managing all financial aspects make our services stand out.


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