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For locals

Choosing the Right Business Structure

Private Limited Company (Pte Ltd)

Ideal for locals with a vision for growth and limited liability, ensuring personal assets are protected.

Sole Proprietorship

Suited for solo entrepreneurs ready to take full control and responsibility of their business ventures.

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)

Best for local professionals looking to combine resources while retaining individual liability protection.

Company Incorporation for Locals

Why Singapore for Locals

As a local entrepreneur, leverage Singapore's top-ranking business environment to grow and expand your business efficiently and effectively.

Incorporation Journey for Locals

Navigate through the incorporation process with ease. Our experienced team understands the nuances of local business laws, ensuring a seamless setup for your Singapore company.

Detailed Incorporation Procedure for Locals

01. Company Name Approval

Purpose : Select and reserve a legally compliant company name.


  • Ensure the name is unique and not misleading or prohibited.
  • Submit the name for approval through ACRA’s online service.
  • Outcome: Name approved and reserved for 120 days.


02. Company Registration Documents

Purpose : Prepare necessary legal and identification documents.


  • Compile the company constitution.
  • Gather signed consents from proposed directors and the company secretary.
  • Collect identification and residential details for all shareholders and directors.
  • Prepare additional documents for KYC (for foreign entities).

Outcome : Complete set of documents ready for filing.

03. Register with the Company Registrar of Singapore

Purpose : Officially establish your company in Singapore.


  • File all prepared documents online via BizFile+.
  • Pay necessary registration fees.
  • Wait for approval and company registration number.

Outcome : Company successfully registered, and official
incorporation notice received.


Additional Compliance and KYC Requirements for Locals

A comprehensive set of documents will be required, including identification and proof of address for individual shareholders and detailed documentation for corporate shareholders.


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Comprehensive Singapore Company Registration Procedure

All Singapore firms must have their names approved by ACRA. The name should be unique, not infringe any trademarks, not be obscene or vulgar, and not reserved by another entity. You can reserve the name for up to 120 days post approval.

After name approval, gather all necessary documents including the Company Constitution, signed consents, and identification details for shareholders and officers.

Officially register your company with ACRA online. The process typically takes less than an hour but may extend if additional government vetting is required.

Gateway of Asia requires various documents to comply with ACRA's regulations and our KYC process. This includes passport copies, residency proofs, and professional backgrounds for individuals, along with comprehensive corporate entity documents for corporate shareholders.

Gateway of Asia's Comprehensive Incorporation Package

Streamline Your Business Incorporation with Our Complete Package

Embark on your business journey in Singapore with Gateway of Asia's all-inclusive incorporation package. Designed to simplify and accelerate the setup of your business, our service covers every aspect of the incorporation process.

Key Features of the Incorporation Package

Company Name Reservation

We begin by ensuring your company name is unique and reservable, adhering to all of ACRA's stringent guidelines.

Government Fee Management

Our package includes handling all necessary government fees associated with the incorporation process, providing a hassle-free experience.

Preparation of Essential Documents

We meticulously prepare and file all necessary documentation, including registration forms and the company constitution, ensuring compliance with Singapore's regulatory requirements.

Compliance Corporate Kit Assembly

We facilitate the process of opening a corporate bank account, making it straightforward and convenient for you.

Bank Account Assistance

We facilitate the process of opening a corporate bank account, making it straightforward and convenient for you.

Tailored Business Advice

Benefit from our expert advice on the optimal business structure for your needs, ensuring that your company's setup is both efficient and scalable.

Our Commitment

At Gateway of Asia, we understand the value of a smooth incorporation process. Our comprehensive package is designed to take the weight off your shoulders, letting you focus on what you do best — growing your business. We don't just work alongside you; we're committed to being an integral part of your business journey from the start.



Initially, you need to choose a unique company name, prepare the necessary incorporation documents,
and register your company with ACRA. Gateway of Asia assists with each step, ensuring a smooth

The minimum paid-up capital for starting a private limited company in Singapore is S$1, but you may need more depending on your business needs.

Yes, companies in Singapore must file annual returns with ACRA and annual tax returns with the IRAS.Gateway of Asia can provide guidance on these requirements.

Yes, a single individual can be the sole director and shareholder of a private limited company, but a separate company secretary must be appointed. For foreign-owned entities, it is legally required for the company to have at least one local resident director


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